I am working up 3 projects at the moment. The first is 'Touched' - a quirky romantic ghost story (or is it?). Everything is going wrong for Dan - his marriage has broken up, he's been made redundant and he's tried returning to his roots in Manchester but finds himself isolated, drinking to much and contemplating suicide. But then he meets the enigmatic Tess who comes in and out of his life, appearing then vanishing abruptly. No one else ever sees her but him and he starts to believe that he is either mad or that she is some kind of unbalanced stalker. Who is she? What does she want with him? And why can't he forget her even though he knows he should? Touched is actually out with an editor at the moment and I'm waiting on the results. The second novel that is at a final edit stage is 'Contrail' (I seem to be going through a single word title phase!). Contrail is set in Italy in the 1950's. The de Havilland Comet, Britain's technological leap of faith, is being tested in Italy. If it is successful it will give the country at least a 5 year head start over its competitors. However storm clouds are gathering. British intelligence believe there is a mole leaking secrets within the test team and. possibly, seeking to sabotage the aircraft. The ruthless Colonel Edwards of the intelligence services blackmails Stafford Watson-Wright, a gifted engineer, and Harry Jones, his former co-pilot and ex-soviet sleeper agent, into working for him to unmask the mole. Harriet, Stafford's headstrong younger sister is also drawn into the plot. But who is the mole and what do they intend to do? And who are they working for - the Russians? The Americans? - everyone seems to have a vested interest in stopping the Comet. Can it be saved? Contrail is the first of a series of cold war thrillers centring around the lives of Harry, Stafford and Harriet. Harry Jones is a wonderful character to work with - you never really know who he is and what he can do. He has such strengths but such weaknesses that often see his best intentions going spectacularly wrong - especially in his sparky relationship with Harriet! He is a great anti-hero/bad boy. Contrail is starting to do the rounds of agents at the moment. Had two rejections so far! The final novel that I am working on - The Honey Talker - is a thriller set in the shade world between legitimate business and organised crime in contemporary Manchester. It's just going into 2nd draft and will be a few months off completion. There is a possibility I may push The Honey Talker to one side whilst I move onto the 'Contrail' sequel 'Czechmate' - I just have a feeling that Contrail will fly - if you pardon the awful pun!