Short stories

I am also working hard on improving a huge weakness in my writing - short stories. This is through my going to Renegade Writers. Short fiction is such a different discipline. I'm working on something new (and short!) and very different for me in that it is sort of horror/fantasy themed. I will probably crash and burn but it's good to try new things.


  1. Glad you brought it along last night, I really enjoyed hearing it. It's a genre I've never dipped my pen into, maybe one day eh?

    1. Thanks! I think I enjoyed writing it (though I am not entirely sure)! Hopefully it will be useful as I have been encouraged to expand a dark character in one of my novels, someone who had only played a peripheral in the story in my original drafts. I needed practice in getting my head around the motivation/thoughts of someone who is fundamentally bad and I think it helped.


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