The part-time (but ambitious) writers dilemma

I suppose its the dilemma that faces all people who have ambitions as writers, getting the balance right between the need to make a living and finding the time to write well (i.e. not squeezing it in as and when). I'm self employed and for most of the last year it's been a worry that not enough work has been coming in. Well, I had a slight re-think about how I worked and what I should push to the market and suddenly I have all the work I can handle! The day job is now seriously impinging on what I want to do - but what I want to do does not, as yet, pay the bills! And of course it never will whilst I don't have the time to do it properly, which I don't because...well you get my drift! I don't know yet how I am going to resolve this. Still in the meantime 'The Last Mountain' has gained another review and is approaching 1000 downloads which is really encouraging.


  1. My afternoon job seriously cramps my writing style, also! Fun bit, Malcolm--and congratulations on the Amazon success! :)


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