Saturday, 9 February 2013

BBC 'The bottom line'

I quite regularly listen to the radio when I'm out walking and, on Thursday night, I have a brisk 40 minute walk to the pub for the quiz night I'm a regular at (I always look at this as neutral in terms of health - 80 minutes of walking + mental exercise = too many pints of real ale - but that's an aside) and I tend to listen to Radio 4's 'The Bottom Line'. I was doubly interested to hear that it was on publishing in the digital age. Now, as someone with a vested interest that I admit to, I have tried to remain objective about the industry. I have to say though, my slightly prejudiced views are that (a) it has had a cosy, old school existance for generations that are very hard to shake off, and (b) if I ran my business like they do I wouldn't stay solvent for long! (I do have a certain vision in mind about how some agents and publishers deal with submissions: have you heard the story of the airliner that disappeared in South America in the late 1940's? It reappeared 50 years later having travelled all the way down a glacier....You heard it here first, folks!)It was interesting to gauge how they were handling the shock of the new. There was an agent, a publisher and a guy from Kobo on the programme. I am not going to say what I thought, I will put the link into this post and let you decide for yourself, but, to me, whilst two of the panel sounded proactive one sounded rather complacent and gave the impression of being a rabbit in the headlights. Listen to it and judge for yourself....

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