'Touched' - A new hope?

I have got closer and closer to putting 'Touched' out as a self-published novel - and getting more and more reluctant to take this step....! I understand the arguments for doing it; people have asked when I am going to put a new novel out because they liked the last one; It is a decent strategy for getting yourself noticed, more reviews etc., etc.... The problem is though I still am not sure. It is easy to publish, easier now than it has ever been. There is a lot of good stuff being put out but a lot of rubbish too. I have faith in what I write; the feedback I have had for 'Touched' has been great, yet I do feel that I am risking tainting my writing with the label 'not good enough to be published conventionally' if I go down this route. I do want to be a SUCCESSFUL writer not just a published one. I want a lot of people to read what I write, to be touched by my words (pardon the pun), and I do think that means a professional publishing contract. Anyway, I have tried again today. I do believe in fate and I've found a writer/publisher/agent whose website I could have written myself if I was creating a wish-list of the ideal qualities I was looking for. I hope I hit a chord with her, I hope she has the time to take me on. There is a lot of 'hopes' here. It may be a long shot but, well, maybe I believe in Angels!