Well it is to me anyway!

Has anyone else noticed the interesting little quirks of the free promotions that you are allowed on Amazon's Kindle service? I, like many other authors, make use of these days when we can offer our books for free in order to encourage readers to discover us and, hopefully, give us feedback for reviews. The free days are limited - I chose 2 days over a weeked for Contrail - and I monitored the downloads over the time it was free, which ended on Sunday.

Yet this free period didn't quite end. Over the next 3 days the odd 'extra' free download happened, the last couple overnight last night.

As I said, interesting. Anyone else seen this and, if so, do you know why?


  1. I think it's to do with Amazon's array of mirror servers, creating latency of up to 48 hours. Add in a few time zones and you've got your 3 day lag. See? I can out-geek you if I really try!

  2. Ahhh...!

    And, yes, that scores 5 stars for geekdom!


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