The Four/Thirds Paradox

If I had to describe myself I guess I would say I am the following: I'm 1/3 surveyor, 1/3 freelance writer, 1/3 specialist software consultant and trainer - and 1/3 novelist.

Now do you see the paradox? Four into three doesn't go!

The big problem with being self-employed and having no independent wealth behind me (or have a partner who has a nice steady salary alongside me) is that the first three have to have priority because, well let's admit it, I rather like eating and having a roof over my head!

So when do I find time to do the bit I actually love doing, writing fiction?

I suppose this is something that applies to all people who write as a hobby or write with the ambition of doing it professionally. Life gets in the way of prose. It's something we have to live with.

It doesn't make it any less annoying though!