Every cover tells a story

I remember attending an author night at my local library a couple of years ago when the author in question (a well known female author) had quite a long grumble at her publishers for the decisions they had made about her book covers. They insisted on giving her 'chic-lit' covers that she said - quite rightly - put off potential male readers of her work.
It struck a cord with me then and it does even more now. I know I have messed up with one of my covers, the one for 'Touched'. It gives entirely the wrong impression of what the book is about and I am pretty certain has put off readers from certain groups.
I should know this. It's all about decision making, heuristics, mental-shortcuts etc. A large chunk of my PhD was on this.
Anyway, with the talents of Mick Walters on board I'm going to go for a re-branding. Watch this space...