The One Camera, One Lens (OCOL) lockdown challenge: Decision made

Well, here it is. Today is the day I put the last of my other toys away and concentrate on just one camera and one lens for the rest of the UK's lockdown, however long that will be - three weeks, six weeks, six months, who knows.

I started off with a... ahem ... wide range of choices.

Too wide.

I'm an addict and have acquired far too much gear. The truth is I'm really hoping that this experience with cure me.

Well, flatten the curve anyway.

I might need to wait for a vaccine...

So this is what I started with:

After a few days of thought I got it to this:

A decent range of cameras but, after even more thought, and tests I was left with these, my Ricoh GRii and Olympus E-PL7 with 25mm manual prime.

I went through the pros and cons (very personal ones, not truly objective or universal) in the last post. Now it's time to decide.

Basically it's these images which have swung it.

These were shot...drum roll...with the Olympus and its cheap little Chinese lens.

To be honest, this was always going to be the result. The truth is I'm just amazed at what MFT as a system can do and I want to spend this time finding out what I've been missing for the last decade without being distracted by other cameras of varying types. I am a shooter of awkward things, I use Sigma Merrills and DP Quattros, I shoot and develop 35mm film and am tinkering with Medium Format but I will always need a less difficult beast with interchangeable lenses for all the other times I'm travelling or working. These have generally been standard sized DSLRs and, whilst I appreciate the quality and flexibility, I resent the weight and space they take up.

Micro 4/3 could be the answer - for me.

And I can still haunt the camera shops and eBay sellers looking at Pen-Fs, O-MDs and G85s and wonder...

Wish me luck.

And farewell, for a little while, Ricky the Ricoh.