The One Camera/One Lens Challenge: Sample Images from my final four

I'm all about image quality, which is why, given the choice, I'd shoot Sigma with their Foveon sensors for digital and medium format with film, so, in deciding which camera to choose for the One Camera/One Lens (OCOL) challenge, this is an important consideration.

I tend to shoot exclusively in RAW and post-process in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop but, for once, I thought I'd better switch to JPEG and see what the straight-out-of-the-camera quality is like and use this as part of the decision making.

I've got the results here. I wonder if you can guess which one is which? As reminder, the cameras are the Olympus E-PL7, Leica X1, Ricoh GRii and the Pentax Q.

So here is camera A

and camera B

camera C

and, finally, camera D

All were shot on auto.

Wonder if you'll get it right?

And which do you think is the best?