Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The latest 'Last Mountain' Review

I have to say that this one made me smile:

Not that,as an author, I should really gain pleasure for unsettling my readers.....

Anyway, you can read the original review here

Monday, 13 May 2013

Would the classics have been published today?

I am about halfway through reading Jane Eyre. To my shame, I have to admit I have never read it before (though, on the plus side, this has to be a positive for e-readers as I probably wouldn't have read it at all if it didn't come free on my Kobo) however, now I have, I have to speculate whether Miss Bronte would have got beyond the standard rejection letter these days!

I can imagine the criticisms; the unrealistically mature language ascribed to a ten year-old in the school scene; the rather sketchy characterisations and the clumsy plotting and pacing of the novel. I could see poor Charlotte being sent packing with the suggestion that she perhaps should take an access course in creative writing...

Yet this is clearly a classic, with sumptuously rich language and a story to get lost in. I do have a feeling though that CB would, today, have been scrabbling around for a few reviews with her self-published Kindle novel!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

The joys of being self-employed

I think that any regular readers of this blog will note periods when I post a lot and talk about my fiction writing (aka the thing I want to do) and my other work, the self-employed bit (aka I need to eat and pay the bills). The latter is a necessary evil having traded that lovely regular salary and one employer to the tightrope act of many employers and the slightly scary business of no guaranteed income it is one of the trade-offs. As a result there is an inverse relationship between my ability to write about what I like (and, in fact, to write fiction at all) and the amount of other work I am doing.
For the last 6 weeks I have been firefighting work, 6 days a week, long hours etc. so it is no surprise that I have not been posting on here. Hopefully things are easing off a bit so I may be able to add a few more bits here - you have been warned!