Tonights sunset over Crewe's Queen's Park

Every cover tells a story

Some Autumnal Images

Thought that as I don't have time to write I could add some images....

Doing things wrong and doing them right

Not only am I writing about the potteries I have started surveying them too....

Well this is going to be fun...

The latest 'Last Mountain' Review

Would the classics have been published today?

The joys of being self-employed

If only I'd known....

Message in a Bottle (or Waiting for Reviews)

Knowing your characters

A note to the powers-that-be

The leave to mature trick

Words of wisdom

Observations on writing and publishing

On writing groups - again!


Good and Bad Writer's Habits

Playing the game or playing it straight.

Letting go

The Four/Thirds Paradox


Why I am old-fashioned

Spread thin

This is a preview of my forthcoming novel 'Touched' - It's a rather different romance - honest! This is an extract from chapter one

Decision Made

With great apologies to the Bard

Demystifying twitter

Interesting Strategy

The Renegades come through again!

Do we write with an accent?

Oh to be a full time writer of fiction...

writing projects never end...

Link to the Renegades...

The importance of writing groups

'Touched' - A new hope?

Cover for Contrail

Selling books one at a time...and freeconomics

BBC 'The bottom line'

Some people have no shame